Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The best online movie streaming services available in Ireland

Although I have previously lamented the loss of the video store, there are some superb choices out there for those of us who have embraced the streaming culture that exists as a way to watch our favourite movies. Everyone is aware of the riches of Netflix but what other online streaming choices are out there for the avid movie goer?
I've decided to have a look at the best options available on identify the advantages and disadvantages of all:

1. Netflix: (
The leading light in online streaming has become revolutionary in the way we now consume entertainment. Whilst the TV aspect of this service is second to none, with it's original productions being at the forefront, Netflix is now slowly moving towards original film production which has been the subject of Cannes controversy lately but has subtly seen big Hollywood names (in front of and behind the camera) make the transition to Netflix produced original film. The back catalogue of films may still need to be improved however but the quality on show improves month by month.
Compatability: Smart TVs,Streaming Media Players,Game Consoles,Set-top Boxes,Blu-ray Players,Smartphones & Tablets,PCs & Laptops.
Cost: One month free trial and €7.99 per month for basic package thereafter
Pros: Original produced content, affordable price,
Cons: Movie catalogue could be improved

2. Amazon Prime Video (
Launched in Ireland in December 2016 Amazon prime has taken a similar approach to Netlfix in gaining exclusive rights to some excellent TV series content with the movie catalogue taking a back seat for the time being. It contains a considerably smaller movie selection than Netflix but you may be able to dig out the odd nugget here and there and as it is a relatively new service to this country it is bound to improve it's selection as time progresses.
Compatability: Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets, Kindle Fire tablets, some LG and Samsung smart TVs and online at
Cost: One month free trial and €2.99 per month for the first six months and €5.99 per month after that.
Pros: Affordable price, may have some movie choices that are not available on other streaming services
Cons: Not as compatible as other services, poor selection of films.

3. NOW TV (
Launched in Ireland in April of this year, NOW TV grants access to the exclusive Sky Cinema back catalogue without the need to take out a lengthy subscription. The viewer may purchase a Sky Cinema Pass on a monthly basis to enjoy all the latest movie choices that Sky have to offer. The selection is clearly better than other online streaming services but then also is the price!
Compatability: NOW TV Set-top Box (€25), Game Consoles,Smartphones & Tablets,PCs & Laptops.
Cost: 14 day free trial and €15 per month thereafter.
Pros: The best movie selection of all streaming services available with a premiere every day and movies available just 8 months after their initial release.
Cons: The most expensive of the movie streaming services available, not as compatible as other services.

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