Friday, 23 June 2017

What movies to watch this weekend

In the Cinema:

Uplifting rom com based on a true story, directed by Joel Hopkins and starring the ever dependable duo of Brendan Gleeson and Diane Keaton, this film will welcome a nice alternative for those who don't wish to sit through yet another Transformers movie!

At Home: 

Another chance to experience Barry Jenkins masterpiece and Oscar winning movie Moonlight. Easily the best film you will see this year, Jenkins unique style, the strong performances and the rich narrative deliver what was one of the cinematic experiences of the year and can now be enjoyed at home!

On Telly

Bridesmaids (RTE 1 Sunday 24th June 21:40pm)
Classic Paul Feig directed comedy packed with great performances, funny characters and it's fair share of gross out gags, this film was the surprise box office smash of  2011 and is well worth another look!

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