Thursday, 13 July 2017

5 movies to watch on Netflix in July

If summer blockbuster movies are not your thing, then the cinema may have limited choices available to you during the summer months so you may have to make alternative arrangements to find that suitable film for your viewing pleasure . Fear Not! - for your viewing pleasure I have decided to once again sift through the vast array of quality movies on Netflix this month and recommend five classics so you don't have to spend half the night flicking through Netflix's choices before deciding that you are now too tired to watch a film anyway and vow to return at a later date just to do the very same thing.
Here are my movie picks for your enjoyment for this month:

The movie that announced both director Steve McQueen and actor Michael Fassbender in some fashion,in this harrowing and uncompromising film. It is undoubtedly a sometimes be a difficult but ultimately rewarding watch. Famous for a 24 minute epic scene halfway through a film that is simply to good to be missed.

4. Okja
Fresh from it's Cannes controversy, this Bong-Joon ho directed feature makes it's Netflix debut this month in a film that has been highly critically received.Although this ambitious project may not to be everyone's tastes it is worth checking out just to see what all the fuss is about.

3.The Breakfast Club
One for fans of nostalgia as this iconic 80's film set in the trials and tribulations of high school gets it's Netflix debut. A Killer soundtrack and contagious cast add to this John Hughes directed warm, funny and heartfelt classic that's bound to entertain again and again.

2. District 9
Neill Blomkamp directs a compelling sci-fi thriller that is both visually spectacular and emotionally draining at the same time. Driven by an exceptional turn by Sharlto Copley this is simply on of the cleverest sci-fi movies produced in modern times.

1. Trumbo
Jay Roach's Dalton Trumbo biopic attracted a lot of attention on it's 2016 release not least for the Best Actor Oscar nomination achieved by the brilliant Bryan Cranston in this solid drama effort aided by an all star cast on top form.
Well worth a look!

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