Monday, 31 July 2017

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

I Am Bolt - (BBC1 Monday 31st July 20:30)
For the week that's in it, on his last competitive outing in the World Championships in London , this insightful documentary reveals the charm, charisma and incredible talent of an athlete that rescued the reputation of his sport single-handedly. Compelling viewing.

Man Up - (BBC2  Wednesday 2nd August 21:00)
Chewing gumesque  romantic comedy which largely succeeds due to fine performances by it's leading actors Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. It won't change your life but an enjoyable way to spend ninety minutes nonetheless!

Godzilla(RTE2 Thursday 3rd August 21:00)
The big summer blockbuster of 2014, Gareth Edwards successful reboot of this epic tale is a visually impressive high octane spectacle with enough human drama on board to counteract the highly imaginative premise of giant creaturesReeking havoc on everything in sight! Good fun!

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