Friday, 27 October 2017

What movies to watch this Bank Holiday Weekend?

In the Cinema:

Death to Stalin:
This latest satirical outing from director and co-writer Arnando Iannucci has been earning rave reviews and with a cast that includes Jason Isaacs, Jeffery Tambor and Steve Buscemi and Iannucci's unique style and wit, it makes a pleasant change to have a comedy of real quality to look forward to!


1922: (Netflix)
This psychological horror is the latest in a long line of Netflix Original features. Based on the Stephen King, directed by Zak Hilditch and starring the always reliable Thomas Jane and Molly Parker this comes with some strong reviews and may be just what horror fans are looking for this weekend!

On Telly

Scream (Turner Classic Movies Sunday 29th October 21:00pm)
Another scary movie for the weekend that's in it. Wes Craven's tongue and cheek depiction of the slasher film is in itself an effective horror movie whilst also including sly and witty undertones that led to it's continued popularity amongst fans of the genre today.

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