Friday, 20 October 2017

What movies to watch this weekend?

In the Cinema:

Thor Ragnorak:
Much previewed and following the usual fanfare this latest marvel feature sees Chris Hemsworth return to the role he has made his own. Expect much of the same with awesome effects and thrilling action sequences aplenty (with a few gags thrown in for good measure) -  which is not a bad way to spend two hours or so in the cinema!

At Home: 

Spiderman: The Homecoming:
With a new cast, new director and a third bite at the Spiderman apple, this reboot thankfully got a new lease of life. Highly entertaining high octane blockbuster that should not disappoint. Read my full review here.

On Telly

The Iceman (Channel 4 Saturday 21st October 23:35pm)
A true life crime drama that largely succeeds due to a strong turn from the excellent Michael Shannon. This film could have done with a stronger director and script but Shannon holds it all together in one of his most mesmerizing performances to date. Recommended!

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