Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 great movies available on Netflix this November

November is shaping up to be a reasonably solid month on Netflix with some quality additions to the catalogue. For your viewing pleasure I have decided to once again sift through the vast array of quality movies on show and recommend five classics so you don't have to spend half the night flicking through Netflix's choices before deciding that you are now too tired to watch a film anyway and vow to return at a later date just to do the very same thing.
Here are my movie picks for your enjoyment for this month:

5. Steve Jobs
At a time when Michael Fassbender could do no wrong this Aaron Sorkin penned biopic is extremely well written and aided in no small part by Oscar nominated turns from Fassbender and Kate Winslet as well as Danny Boyle in the directors chair. Compelling!

4. John Wick
There is over the top, belief suspending plot and action....and then there is John Wick! Park the brain for 90 minutes and enjoy some high calibre fight choreography and action sequences as Keanu Reeves takes on the world... and wins! Good fun (just don't be tempted by the simply awful sequel!)

3. La la Land
Slightly overrated yet still incredibly enjoyable multi Oscar nominated musical that highlights the talent of director Damien Chazelle and his two leading actors in Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Highly entertaining!

2. Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson's directorial return form obscurity earned him and his leading man Andrew Garfield justified Academy nominations in this true life war story. Gripping and violent in parts this real life tale is equally heartfelt and well worth a watch!

1. Mudbound
This Netflix Original set in the American South during World War II and directed by Dee Rees has been earning rave reviews and contains a talented cast which includes Jason Clarke, Carey Mulligan and Mary J.Blige. One to keep an eye out for!

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