Monday, 11 December 2017

This weeks top movies on the telly

Gangs of New York - (ITV4  Monday 11th December 23:40)
Another menacing performance from Day Lewis saw him nominated for an Oscar yet again for his portrayal as Bill the Butchers in Martin Scorcese' 2002 movie. With strong support from Leonardo Di Caprio this is definitely worth another watch if only to marvel at the brilliance of Daniel Day Lewis and lament his upcoming retirement.

No Way Out - (MGM Tuesday 12th December 19:15)
Career making turn from a young Kevin Costner with the help of a strong cast that included Gene Hackman and Sean Young contribute to make this Roger Donaldson stylish suspense thriller and film that stands up to time and repeated viewing. Recommended!

Prevenge - (Film Four Thursday 14th December 22:45)
Strictly for fans of dark comedy horror only, Alice Lowe writes and directs in this 2017 feature that showcases further the talent of the writer, director and lead star and her appetite for the darkest of humour and highly original mindset.

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