Wednesday, 14 February 2018

5 Classic Romantic Films to enjoy on Valentines Day

For the day that's in it I have listed 5 of the best romantic movies that can be enjoyed time and time again. Some are unconventional, funny, clever and even at times cheesy but sit comfortably within this list of romantic films. Feel free to add your own choices via the comments box or social media.

5. The Big Sick
Best Film winner at the Nantucket Film Festival and one of the best films of 2017  this rom com delivers some funny, intelligent and heartfelt moments and gives this cliched genre a new original angle and comes highly recommended!

4. When Harry Met Sally
Rob Reiner's 80's gem set the bar for romantic comedies and was a runaway hit largely thanks to the chemistry and performances of the two lead actors Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. A romantic classic!

3. Love Actually
So sweet it may give you diabetes and cynics have critized it for this but leave the cynicism to one side and you have a collection of sweet and funny tales brought together in the undeniable style of Richard Curtis. This all star cast seems to be really having fun with the script and it shows. Guaranteed to bring out a smile in its audience!

2. Casablanca
An undisputed masterpiece and Hollywoods ultimate tale of love and romance this 1942 feature is currently undergoing a rebirth for a newer (and older audience) as part of Omniplex Cinemas #Bringitback series. An absolute classic that has aged remarkable well!

1. Gone With the Wind
Four hours of epic romance is to the forefront of this 1939 classic feature in as Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh combine to give us one of Hollywood's greatest ever romantic tales and one that simply has never been matched since. Iconic!

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