Wednesday, 28 February 2018

5 great movies to look out for this March

After a solid February with award nominees flowing, this month sees us return to the usual mix of mega blockbuster, family friendly movies and action and thrills aplenty. Lots of quality features worth catching this month so without further ado here are a selection of just some of the great films making their way to a cinema near you this month:

5. Red Sparrow
Hailed for the electric performance of Jennifer Lawrence this spy thriller, which was screened as part of the Dublin Film Festival, sees the actress team up once again with Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence in a film that should have plenty of intrigue, action and thrills. One to look out for!

4. Game Night
After a succesful outing playing it straight in Netlfix's Ozark, Jason Bateman returns to his strengths in this dark comedy that boasts a hugely talented cast that includes Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler and Sharon Horgan in a film that has been earning rave initial reviews!

3. Peter Rabbit
This month's family film to watch is undoubtedly this Beatrix Potter adaptation directed and written by Will Gluck and starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne and James Corden. With fantastic visuals and such a great cast this promises to be a lot of fun for all the family!

2. Tomb Raider
Curiosity is getting the better of me with this one. Lara Croft gets a reboot with Alicia Vikander in the hot seat and Roar Uthaug behind the lens. With a supporting cast that includes Walton Goggins, Nick Frost and Dominic West this mega budget blockbuster  is surely worth a watch!

1. Ready Player One
Highly anticipated Steven Spielberg directed feature of this dystopian adventure based off the 2011 sc-fi novel by Ernest Cline. Every Spielberg release is noteworthy but with this a somewhat return to his roots it is sure to garner a lot of interest!

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