Monday, 19 February 2018

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Jack Reacher - (Sky One  Monday 19th February 21:00)
Directed by Christopher McQuarrie this Lee Child adaptation is a more than adequate thriller that benefits from a strong lead performance from it's lead actor Tom Cruise and is an entertaining high octane two hour action thrill ride. Just don't mention it's abysmal sequel!

Training Day - (ITV 4  Tuesday 20th February 23:15)
Antoine Fuqua fast paced gritty police drama saw Denzel Washington bag his second Academy Award for his role as the less than endearing Alonso. Also includes an Oscar nominated turn from Ethan Hawke in a film that is worthy of repeated viewing.

Alien(Film Four Friday 23rd February 23:20)
A true classic that has aged remarkably well, this sci-fi horror is brimming with palpable nerve jangling tension throughout and is helped in no small way by a remarkable lead performance by Sigourney Weaver. Worth revisiting again!

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