Monday, 26 March 2018

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Tyrannosaur - (Film Four Tuesday 27th March 23:40)
This brutal and frank drama from Peter Mullan may be a tough watch at times but it is ultimately a rewarding one with some excellent performances from Mullan himself, Paddy Considine, Olivia Colman and the always brilliant Eddie Marsden. Compelling!

Weekend at Bernies - (3e  Wednesday 28th March 21:00)
Goofball comedy that's bound to bring out a yearning for those wacky caper films of the 1980's. It should be interesting to see how this Ted Kotcheff directed feature has aged and whether it will still hold the same fondness on repeated viewing!

Oblivion(Film Four Thursday 29th March 18:20)
This highly engaging sci-fi production written and directed by Joseph Kosinski benefits largely from some stunning visual effects and a strong lead performance from Tom Cruise. Recommended!

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