Friday, 16 March 2018

What movies to watch this bank holiday weekend?

In the Cinema:

Peter Rabbit
What better way to kick off  the long weekend than in the company of Peter Rabbit. This update of the classic Beatrix Potter character written and directed by Will Gluck has received lukewarm initial reviews but there should be enough in this tale to entertain young and old alike!


Annihilation (Netflix)
Another feature rescued by Netflix, this Alex Garland directed film boasts an impressive cast that includes Natalie Portman, Osar Isaac and Jennifer Jason Leigh and whilst looking impressive also leaves plenty of food for thought for viewers in this highly rated sci-fi/horror production. Recommended!

On Telly

I Went Down (RTE Two Saturday 17th March 21:15)
This Paddy Breathnach directed film is worth a revisit for the weekend that's in it as we celebrate a sometimes forgotten Irish gem. Brendan Gleeson and Peter McDonald make the most of some sharp writing in this very funny gangster tale told Irish style! Worth another look!

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