Friday, 6 April 2018

What movies to watch this weekend?

In the Cinema:

A Quiet Place
Horror season is well and truly underway with this directorial debut from John Krasinksi who also stars alongside his wife Emily Blunt in this post horror feature that has been earning rave reviews since it's release (an incredible 100% on rotten tomatoes.) Be very afraid!!!


Captain America: Civil War (Netflix)
Perfect preparation for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America's second outing is worth viewing alone, for its superhero compilation mash up half way through. The special effects drive this movies ratings up a notch and with Anthony Russo at the helm you are guaranteed a snappy  script with an engaging cast and swashbuckling effects.

On Telly

The Green Mile (TV3 Sunday 8th April 21:00)
Frank Darabont's emotionally charged feature based on the Stephen King novel is an absorbing yet powerful piece of work with the performances of Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan in particular contributing to one of the truly great films of the 1990's and one worthy of repeated viewing!

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