Saturday, 12 May 2018

Review: Life of the Party - Cheesy yet charming comedy with Melissa McCarthy on top form!

After Deanna Miles (Melissa McCarthy) gets a divorce from her husband Dan (Matt Walsh) and decides to go back to college, she ends up in her daughter's class who's not comfortable on the idea. Deanna, now known as Dee Rock, plunges head first into the campus experience and embraces college life on her own terms and finds her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.
In what is their third collaboration together, Life of the Party (The Boss and Tammy being the other two) sees husband and and wife team of Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy pen this familiar "back to school" tale with Falcone also taking on directorial duties.
Rather snobishly panned by the critics on first view, this feature does have numerous pitfalls throughout with cliches and sentiment being two of the chief ingredients in this comfortable cheesy comedy. It is however, very funny in parts also and sees Melissa McCarthy in fine form and unlike many other Hollywood comedies not having to gross out humour for laughs.
The whole production is held together magnificently by a wonderful central performance from  McCarthy who's likability and charm runs through the whole film.
The strong ensemble comedic cast also add their considerable talents to this feature with the always dependable Maya Rudolph, Matt Walsh and Gillian Jacobs certainly enriching the movie with their efforts.
Their is one extremely low point however, towards the end of the film and whilst not giving too much away plot wise, an ill advised cameo almost derails the whole production with the film sinking to farcical levels of cheese that makes you almost forget the good scenes that have preceded it!
Overall, as formulaic and safe as this movie may be it is the heart and charm that permeate through it along with a lot of gags that hit the mark (and many that don't) that will ensure a snappy ninety minutes of entertainment for those who are willing to leave their brains at the door and enjoy this movie for what it is - an entertaining non-taxing and charming comedy!

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