Thursday, 7 June 2018

Over 80 applications for film bursary proves emphatically that Kerry is a prime location for film

The receipt of over eighty applications for Kerry County Council and Arts Council Ireland's €15,000 bursary on offer to any film maker who chooses to shoot their short film in Kerry proves that not only is this support for the industry very enticing and much appreciated among the film making community but also highlights the continuous appeal of the county as a backdrop and inspiration for great film.
The global attention gained from such huge production companies such as Disney, Element Pictures and Film Four, filming their projects in the county is well known but it is the long lasting effect and the rich experiences of these companies and their staff whilst shooting within the region that resonate and will entice future productions to Kerry.
International film stars such as Colin Farrell and Mark Hamill have been gushing of their praise of the county as a location to film with the majestic, powerful and awe inspiring scenic beauty of the county a primary attraction for production companies worldwide.
The help and support received from Kerry County Council as well as the Kerry ETB also strengthens the county's appeal whereas the affection showed to visitors to the region from locals only confirms the strong position that Kerry has acquired as an ideal film location.
Aside from the well documented and extremely positive experiences of film companies within Kerry, the county has also enjoyed success playing host to various other media channels in recent years.
Matt Le Blanc and Friends co-star Courtney Cox have both highlighted the serene beauty of west Kerry whilst filming TV shows in the region - Le Blanc as part of BBC's Top Gear and Cox alongside the formidable Bear Grylls with both shows highlighting the dramatic and visually stunning appeal of the area.
Commercial programming is one the lesser known if more frequent aspects of filming in Kerry with such global brands as Guinness (Valentia Island) and Roxy/Quicksilver (Conor Pass) choosing the south west coastline as a backdrop to showcase their products.
With its unprecedented and inspirational beauty and the vast resources at hand to that talented artisan that chooses the visual, spiritual and practical benefits of Kerry as the setting for their artistic endeavours it's unsurprising that this latest cultural promotion of both creativity within and appreciation of the county has garnered such interest and should in no small way ensure that Kerry as a filming location is one of extreme importance and relevance for a long time to come.

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