Tuesday, 5 June 2018

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Red Eye - (Film Four 4 Thursday 7th June 23:10)
This taut and tense Wes Craven directed thriller sees Cillian Murphy in top form and supported admirably by a talented cast that includes Rachel McAdams and Brian Cox. Well paced and highly entertaining this suspense filled thriller comes highly recommended

The Town - (TV3  Friday 8th June 21:00)
Tense, smart and solidly written thriller that showcases the directorial talents of Ben Affleck as well as the considerable support from an immense cast that includes the always reliable Jeremy Renner as well as John Hamm and Rebecca Hall. A wonderful if not under appreciated film that is worthy of repeated viewing.

Harry Brown  - (RTE 2 Saturday 9th June 23:30)
Described as the British "Gran Torino" this vigilante thriller sees Michael Caine in top form in a film that packs a violent as well as emotional punch. Aptly supported by Emily Blunt and Ian Glen this is a gritty drama well worth checking out!

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