Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tralee Omniplex Tuesday Treat - What new release movie deserves your €6 this week?

There are three new releases for your consideration for this weeks Tuesday Treat at Tralee Omniplex with the movies available looking promising after a few mediocre weeks of new releases. In this weeks line up are two true life stories and a ensemble comedy and all for the giveaway price of just €6!

American Made:
Enjoying very positive critical reviews,this true life story sees Tom Cruise return to form somewhat after the disappointment of the Mummy and also features Domhnall Gleeson in what should be a compelling and entertaining movie! One of my 5 films to watch this month so it has to be good. Right?

A gut wrenching but essential retelling of a dark period in American history, which is all too familiar to present events, this latest offering from Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow has been getting rave reviews from the critics even though it may be at times a difficult watch, it is undoubtedly a  powerful one. Another solid choice this week!

Rough Night:
Highly flawed comedy that isn't sure whether it's Weekend at Bernies or Bridesmaids or Very Bad Things and ends up being very little indeed as a likeable cast are wasted on poor writing and a weak premise. Definitely the weakest of the new releases available so may be worth skipping this one. Disappointing!

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