Sunday, 31 December 2017

Top 5 Turkeys of 2017

Seeing as I have previously posted a list of the best of 2017, in the name of balance, I think that it's only fair that I post a list of the worst of 2017. That stinker that disappoints from the first shot to last, the feature that almost makes you ask for a full refund and even though 2017 was in general a solid (if unspectacular) year at the movies it did contain it's fair share of lame ducks!
Here are my top 5 turkeys!

5. The Dark Tower
A miss mash mess of a movie. Matthew McCounaghey makes it easy for us to forget his previous award winning work as he does his best panto villain impression on a film that had undoubted potential but feels like it was made up on the spot! Horrific!
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4. Transformers: The Last Knight
Please stop Michael Bay! Please! In what is incredibly the fifth installment of this jaded franchise, the louder than the rest director returns with a unsurprisingly thin plot and as much CGI effects as the running time allows.

3. The Mummy
In a sign that Tom Cruise may have lost the midas touch, this reboot that nobody asked for (or was happy they got!) this adventure feature lacked any of the charisma or energy that previous Tom Cruise movies may have had and limped it's way to a unsatisfactory and at times boring conclusion.One to avoid!
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2. Assassins Creed
Even Michael Fassbender couldn't rescue what was yet another failure to convert a gaming legend into a watchable big screen feature. Impressive stunts aside this was another snoozefest that had audiences rushing out the door on completion!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Another jaded franchise gets yet another reboot. Even the "Jack Sparrow" schtick shown by Johnny Depp is beyond wearing thin in another feature that had the fell of an improv show. Another one to avoid!

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