Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Top 5 Moans about Modern Day Cinema

What's not to love about a trip to cinema? That latest blockbuster or indie film starring your favourite actor enabling you to immerse yourself in another world for the next two hours or so in extreme comfort.
Modern day cinemas are lavish, comfortable and high spec portals to a wonderful world of entertainment but like every advancement in technology and time it comes with a few bugs that can grate from time to time. From the updated experience of catching the latest release in the movie theater to the feature presentation you are just about to watch here are a few of my "Victor Medrewesque" moans about modern day cinema:

1. Mobile Phones:
There was once a time that the only light to be seen in a movie theater was from the big screen but with the evolution and our dependence on the mobile phone now some cinemas can resemble the runway in Heathrow Airport or a Coldplay concert such are the number of lights shining throughout the movie arena - and that's not to mention if someone is actually holding a conversation with one!!

2. The incessant adverts:
In the world of Sky+ boxes and modern technology the long suffering of sitting through some annoying advert to watch the main feature have long (thankfully) become a thing of the past. Not in the cinema however where we are treated to at least a ten minute spell of such ads before we can settle down to enjoy the film.
Now, if only we could fast forward cinema!

3. Trailers for a movie that you won't see this calendar year:
Now I understand the need for marketing within the film industry and the necessity to let the audience know of what cinematic nuggets are coming down the line but when I see a trailer for a film in March that I won't get to see in it's entirety for another six months and have to sit through that same trailer on every cinema visit until release date, then my patience for that film is almost non existent by the time it eventually hits the big screen! The initial "that looks alright!" comment that you pass to your cinema companion becomes "not that ***! film again, just release it already!" after the Groundhog Day that is every trailer viewing and whatever anticipation or enthusiasm you may have had for that particular feature is well evaporated by the time of release!

4. Calling all the Heroes:
I appreciate that the world of comic book heroes is a lucrative market and I am partial to the odd fantastical visit to the land of superheros myself but to say that this market has been over saturated is like saying Michael Bay likes loud noises!
I can't even keep count anymore, is this the second film in the third reboot of Spiderman? Is this Thor 3 and if so what is Iron Man doing in it? The odd journey down the superhero path is welcome but it now seems like every week contains yet another movie of this genre.
Just take a week off guys. Even superheros need a holiday!

5. The length of the film:
Maybe is it because we now live in a society of instant gratification but I sometimes feel that a common complaint I tend to have about a particular movie is invariably about how long the feature was. "Would have been better if was just 30 minutes shorter" is such a common comment that you wonder why have so few production companies taken their audiences advice in this regard. I appreciate that some movies need and benefit from a longer running time but I rarely remember thinking to myself "If only that film was a bit longer!"

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