Sunday, 25 February 2018

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Elysium - (Channel 5  Monday 26th February 23:00)
Director Neill Blomkamp's follow up to the excellent District 9 may not hit the heights of it's predecessor but there is enough here to thrill sci-fi fans with superb visual effects and a strong lead performance by the always reliable Matt Damon.

Big Eyes - (Film Four 4  Wednesday 28th February 21:00)
A bit of a change of pace for director Tim Burton but this thought provoking biopic showcases the talents of two remarkable actors in Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz and is at it's core a very interesting film. Recommended!

Les Miserables(RTE 2 Friday 2nd March 21:00)
With 7 Oscar nominations behind it and a victory for Anne Hathaway in the Best Supporting Actress category this just may be a good time to catch this 2013 retelling of the Victor Hugo classic which works largely due to it's strong performances from an experienced and talented cast!

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