Monday, 9 October 2017

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

Seven - (ITV4 Monday 9th October 22:00)
Hard to believe that David Fincher's raw and haunting thriller is 22 years old but like all classic films it has aged magnificently and if your stomach can handle it, is well worth another look!

The Green Mile - (Film Four Wednesday 11th October 21:00)
Another trip down memory lane as Tom Hanks stars in this Stephen King adaptation that may require patience as it runs at over 3 hours but is most definitely worth it as director Frank Darabont and co. deliver an emotionally absorbing and exceptional feature.

Robin Hood - (Film Four Thursday 12th October 18:15)
Ridley Scott directs and Russel Crowe stars in this retelling of the legend of Robin Hood. Visually appealing and with an all star cast this epic tale is one that will not dissapoint viewers and is sits comfortably in Scott's powerful back catalogue.

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