Monday, 30 October 2017

This weeks Top Movies on the Telly

The Ring - (TG4  Monday 30th October  21:30)
Keeping the scary theme going this week and it's hard to believe that this Gore Verbinski directed horror is 14 years old this year. Creepy visuals, a haunting tone and a solid performance from Naomi Watts contribute to make this a solid addition to the horror genre and one that will undoubtedly give sleepless nights!

Bobby Sands:66 Days - (BBC4 Tuesday 31st October 21:00)
Evenhanded, absorbing and insightful look into a painful chapter from Irish history, this Brendan J.Byrne directed documentary received well deserved critical acclaim on it's initial release as is well worth a watch.

Red Eye - (3e Wednesday 1st November 21:00)
This taut and tense Wes Craven directed thriller sees Cillian Murphy in top form and supported admirably by a talented cast that includes Rachel McAdams and Brian Cox. Well paced and highly entertaining this suspense filled thriller comes highly recommended.

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