Monday, 10 July 2017

New "Irish Moments Worth Paying For" trailer launched by Irish Film Board

A new campaign has been launched by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board (IFB) and the Industry Trust for IP Awareness to highlight the best moments from some of the most successful Irish cinema releases in recent years and to thank Irish audiences for purchasing their cinema ticket which in turn supports the creative talent and the industry responsible for producing these superb cinematic delights.

A new trailer which focuses on the best of Irish film and the importance of Irish audiences to the film & television industry was launched online on 6th July and will also be rolled across 40 Irish cinema screens.

Featuring a broad range of ‘moments’ from critically acclaimed Irish films, the trailer thanks audiences supporting an industry that has produced such superb films like Room, A date for Mad Mary and the Young Offenders and thanks to national support goes from strength to strength.

James Hickey, the Chief Executive of the Irish Film Board states:
“Irish film is currently enjoying great success both with local and international audiences.  The film industry has been thriving in Ireland over the last number of years, creating an increasing number of jobs for people working in Ireland and exports for Irish companies bringing inward investment into Ireland. The revenue received from Irish films is an essential part of protecting the livelihoods of all those working in the film and television industry including Irish writers, directors, producers, cast and crew.  Piracy damages the process of revenue being shared with the individuals who create the content and measures aimed at eliminating piracy are important for the wider development and prosperity of the industry".

Irish cinema goers are such an important cog in the wheel of the Irish film industry one that is currently thriving, in no small part because of the support it gets from the Irish public!
For further information visit or alternatively watch the trailer itself below:

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