Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tralee Omniplex Tuesday Treat - What new release movie deserves your €6 this week?

There are two giant summer blockbuster new releases for your consideration for this weeks Tuesday Treat at Tralee Omniplex. The first is a second reboot of a much loved superhero whilst the second is the third and final chapter in the successful (again rebooted!) Planet of the Apes franchise! Thrills aplenty and all for the giveaway price of just €6!

War for the Planet of The Apes:
Initial reviews are quite good for this one as the trilogy looks to go out with a bang! Jaw dropping special effects and an exceptional narrative round off what really was a highly entertaining collection of movies that have largely enjoyed critical and commercial success!

The reboot that we thought we didn't need is availing of positive reviews in a film that seems to contain action, humour and generally, fun in abundance! Might just be worth casting the cynicism that accompanies watching a second rebooted franchise aside and enjoy the show!

Which new release are you going to see at Tralee Omniplex this week?

War of the Planet of the Apes
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