Friday, 23 June 2017

5 movies that should have been terrible...but were actually quite good!

As an alternative list to 5 Movies that should have been great...but ultimately were rubbish! I have decided to generate a list based on movies that the audience either had no interest in initially or had begrudgingly bought a ticket for, only to be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. These appear to be films that no one has asked for yet turn out to be great movies despite the lack of enthusiasm around their release.  I have created a list below of five such films but please add your own choice either in the comment section or on facebook or twitter:

5. Rise of the Planet of The Apes
A franchise that seemed dead and buried after Tim Burtons' hash of a reboot in 2001, Rupert Wyatt's origins story gave unlikely new life to a series of movies that seemed doomed for the scrap heap thanks in no small part to a great story and an even better performance by Andy Serkis!

4. The Lego Movie
A 90 minute movie about LEGO would in other hands just came across as an overlong commercial but with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller at the wheel, this film became fun for all the family and the surprise hit of 2014 and has since spawned two sequels!

3. Dredd
With the only ever previous attempt to turn this comic book character the appallingly bad 1995 version starring Sylvester Stallone, there was a certain trepidation with relatively unknown Karl Urban in the lead role, but outstanding special effects and a dark humour running throughout, this updated 2012 film did more than enough to keep fans of the comic and the general cinema going public happy!

2.Wonder Woman
After a glut of superhero movies throughout 2017 the last thing we needed was a reboot of an 80's TV show in the shape of Wonder Woman but what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be as this Patty Jenkins directed film driven by a tour de force performance by Gal Gadot made this movie one of the hits of the year!

1. Bad Santa
A film that destroys our wholesome image of Old Nick, offends at every turn and is beyond rude should have been a disaster waiting to happen but a near perfect Billy Bob Thornton and some hilarious scenes make this a dark yet classic comedy that has enjoyed a cult following ever since it's release (the less said about Bad Santa 2 the better!)

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